The way we see the digital world


Everywhere the technological change represents a challenge, which nobody can escape from. The effects touch all people regardless whether at age 2-3 or retired at high age. Private or business environments demand a process of permanent learning, starting with Kindergarten and school (education), all the way to work and business (formation), to retirement. The concept of permanent learning generates knowledge, which has never before been as complex as today and the foreseeable future. Driving forces are digitalization, globalization and the inherited technological, sociological and political developments.

Everything known as „standard“ today, will be tomorrow no longer “standard“.
The permanent changes are specifically visible with regard to the digital evolution, the Internet with its multiple applications and use, IoT (Internet of Things), with implications on all hardware (machines and equipment),their direct networks by Handy, Laptop, Computer, the use of servers, data centers or a cloud. The impact of AI (artificial intelligence), the automatic machine learning with the application of new algorithms demands new knowledge fore all users.

Our contributions


The Vita of the Managing Director / Owner of the company (see complete Vita) demonstrates his ability to react successfully to fundamental changes during his business life. His ability to keep learning kept him going and allowed him to apply the experiences on the job. His expended knowledge and his open mind to deal with the future qualifies him today, to consult with enterprises and individuals to overcome their ever complex challenges in order to achieve orientations and solutions.

HGS International Consulting Ltd.
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DE-46325 Borken NRW

Horst G. Sandfort

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Horst G. Sandfort


Creative and experienced Senior Executive, recognized as: successful team leader, manager of innovations from concept to domestic market acceptance and international market penetration. Change agent for economically demanding company restructuring cases.

Business History

2002 until today

Founder, Managing Director, HGS International Consulting Ltd.

since 2017

retired from big business assignments. Focus on smaller projects.

2006 - 2016

Taser International Inc. (today Axon Enterprises, Inc.) Headquarters Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Established market presence in Continental Europe for TASER CEW’s, AXON Body Cameras and Evidence Software management solutions. Set up TASER International Europe S.E. in Frankfurt a. Main, Germany, to support Continental European Government Agencies.


Zircon Corp. Campbell, CA USA

Restructured a privately held, family owned company, from losses to profitability. Location Campbell, CA, USA (acting CEO). Handover to eldest son of owner family.


CORINEX Corp., Bratislava, Slovak Republic,

Grew an Engineering company by adding marketing and sales capabilities. Location Bratislava, Slovak Republic (acting President). Handover to owner.


CEO, President Intellon Corp., Ocala, Florida, USA

Transferred an innovative Engineering company by adding a sales and marketing Organisation, with focus on domestic and international business development.
Established PLC4TRUCKS consortium to enable a coupling communications standard over the electrical wires between truck and trailer to control ABS breaks, meeting a new NTHC standard with an Intellon P485 chip set.
Founded HomePlug organization as a Communications Standard for powerline communications worldwide
Intellon communications Chipsets were first to support HomePlug Standards.
Prepared company for IPO on NASDAQ . NASDAQ approval received in December 2000. Unfortunately the financial markets collapsed. The Intellon Board of Directors decided not to go public. Resigned as CEO, returned to Germany and started consulting activities.


President, Gatefield Corp., Fremont, CA., USA

Transferred a local Engineering company with Paradigm shifting patents into a global player by licensing its technology (reprogrammable non volatile memories, based upon C-mos technology) to world leading chip manufactures (Rohm, Siemens)


Executive Vice President Global Markets, LSI LOGIC Corp. Milpitas, CA, USA


President LSI Logic Europe PLC. Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom


General Manager, LSI LOGIC GmbH, Munich, Germany

1985 and 1991

Implemented Paradigm shifting custom chip design facilities in
 Munich, Paris, Milano, Madrid

Moving the business from initial revenues in Europe of 15 to 200 Million US Dollars.

1990 and 1992

Expanded the global business for LSI Logic Corp.

from about 500 to 750 Million US Dollars. Left LSI in a dispute over CEO succession.


VP Marketing Europe at Fairchild - a Schlumberger Company - located in Paris, France

Prepared internal and external customer focus from bipolar based system designs to c-mos.


Director International Marketing Europe at Fairchild Semiconductor Corp., Mountain, View, CA. USA - located in Mountain View

Managed the introduction of electronic ignition chips in cooperation with BOSCH, Germany, as assembler. Initial customer VW in Wolfsburg, Germany.


Managing Director, Geschäftsführer, Fairchild Consumer Products GmbH, Frankfurt a. M. Germany

introduced digital watches into Europe. Starting a watch assembly factory line in Frankfurt. The business grew from initial presentations to major retail channels to acceptance further to a European wide retail presence. First year revenues: US $ 2 M. p.a. End of 1977: $ 15 M. p.a. Fairchild USA decided to exit the consumer business. The subsidiary in Frankfurt closed.


Managing Director, Geschäftsführer, Litronix GmbH. Frankfurt am Main

started a sales and marketing Organisation from ground up to sell Litronix electronic calculators into Europe in competition to Texas Instruments. Litronix, Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. was first in using C-Mos based chip sets and low power LED displays. The business grew from scratch to $ 10 M by end 1975. Siemens acquired Litronix Inc. and exited the consumer business.


General Manager Germany, Texas Instruments Calculator Division, Freising, Germany

managed the successful introduction of the first electronic calculator ‚Datamath‘ into Germany. Followed by the first scientific ‚slide rule calculator‘ SR 10. Layed the ground work for en entirely new field of business for Texas Instruments in Germany, replacing classical slide rules and ‚Walther‘ mechanical adding machines.

1968 - 1969

Sales Manager Central Germany, Texas Instruments Supply Group (TISCO), Frankfurt, Germany

managed and sold first digital, Bipolar Integrated Circuits: Texas Instruments SN 74..Series, Linear Amplifiers SN 72… / SN 75… Series and Gallium Arsenid numeric indicators to German digital instrument manufacturers. Changed their older developments based upon Relais and Nixie Tube solutions.


Sales Manager Tenside, Hoechst AG, Sales Office Hamburg

set up customer relationships between Oil Refineries, Cosmetics and detergent manufacturers with Hoechst AG Headquarters, Frankfurt a. M., Germany


Economics student at Hoechst Academy, Frankfurt, Master degree Business Administration (Industriekaufmann)

1957 - April 1964

Senior High School, (Gymnasium) Nordhorn, Germany - Abitur

Horst G. Sandfort

Service Fees

  1. Contact meeting with potential customer (2 hours appr.)

    Charges: reimbursement of travel expenses: up to 200 km one way, 1 € per km. Over 200 km one way, rail ticket first class from and to next railroad station plus local taxi charges.

  2. Based upon the contact meeting results, upon demand a written proposal for a service concept.


  3. Realisation of an agreed upon service concept on customer premises: fee per hour of service:

    € 100, plus reimbursement of travel expenses, eventually over night cost.